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Engaging with the Feminist City - Upcoming series of events

How does a feminist city present itself in different spaces and places?

Join us as we engage in powerful discussions surrounding feminism and the city with a range of scholars, practitioners, policy makers and activists.

During November and December 2021, the Gender Responsive Resilience in Policy and Practices (GRRIPP) will be hosting an exploratory series of virtual events from a range of geographical regions.

The session hopes to discuss and address the following questions:

How are you thinking about feminism and the city?

What is the range of concepts that you use to think through the feminist city?

What values do different concepts bring?

What does feminism and the city mean in practice?

How are you engaging with/ responding to/ implementing elements of the feminist city?

What are the emerging sources of inspiration and tensions for our collective future?

There will be five linked events, each two-hours long and hosted by a different region. The Introduction session will be followed by three regional sessions (Americas, South Asia, and Africa), closing with a final 'Towards Practice' session. The Introduction, Americas and final sessions will provide Spanish and Portuguese translations.

For more information on the programme, speakers and registration details, please visit the Feminist City Events page. We look forward to welcoming you in these virtual events and in engaging in inspiring discussions.


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