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Los miembros de nuestro equipo

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Belen Desmasion

GRRIPP Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, LAC

Belen Desmasion is an architect and urban designer with experience working in Asia, Europe, North and South America. She currently teaches and conducts research at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Belen Desmasion has coordinated CASA [Ciudades Auto-Sostenibles Amazónicas] (Self-Sustainable Cities in the Amazon) (2017-2018), an action-research project which explores settlement relocations in the Amazon Rainforest


Hanna Ruszczyk

GRRIPP Thematic Lead on Infrastructure

Dr Hanna Ruszczyk is an urban geographer at Durham University’s Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience and the Department of Geography. Dr Ruszczyk investigates how people live their lives in academically overlooked small, regional cities of the global South. She is particularly interested in how gendered aspects of cities manifest themselves in creating and perpetuating risk.


Kylah Firbes-Biggs

GRRIPP Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, Africa

Dr Kylah Forbes-Biggs joined the Durban University of Technology in 2019, after ten years of lecturing and research in South Africa. Since was invited to relocate to South Africa in 2009, where she has been involved in disaster risk reduction/ management and building a specialisation in Gender and Disasters within southern Africa region


Maureen Fordham


Maureen Fordham BSc PhD is Professor of Gender and Disaster Resilience. She is the Centre Director of the IRDR Centre for Gender and Disaster at UCL. She has been researching hazards and disasters since 1988 and is an expert on gender and intersectionality; community-based disaster risk reduction; and resilience, capacities and vulnerability analysis, focusing particularly on the inclusion of a range of social groups in disaster risk reduction.


Punam Yadav

GRRIPP Co-I and Research Director

Dr Punam Yadav is a Lecturer in Humanitarian Studies at the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, UCL. Dr Yadav is also Co-Director at the Centre for Gender and Disaster at UCL’s Institute of Risk and Disaster Reduction.


Camillo Boana

GRRIPP Thematic Lead on Critical Theory

Camillo Boano is a Full Professor of Architecture and Urban Design (Icar14) at the Dipartimento Interateneo di Scienze, Progetto e Politiche, Territorio del Politecnico di Torino, Italy and Professor of Urban Design and Critical Theory at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL, London where he is also Co-Director of the UCL Urban Laboratory.


Jessica Field

GRRIPP Thematic Lead on Communications and Dissemination

Dr Jessica Field is an interdisciplinary historian and social scientist at the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, University College London. Jessica is a Lecturer in Humanitarian Studies and her work examines the history and politics of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, particularly in South Asia.


Louisa Acciari

GRRIPP Global Coordinator

Prior to joining the GRRIPP team, Dr Louisa Acciari was a post-doctoral researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and Programme Officer – Latin America for the International Domestic Workers’ Federation.


Pablo Vega-Centeno

GRRIPP Regional Lead, LAC

Dr Pablo Vega-Centeno is an Urban Sociologist. Pablo has a Sociology degree awarded by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP). He also holds both a Masters and a Doctoral degree in Architecture from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium). Pablo is currently a Professor at the Department of Architecture and a researcher at the Research Centre in Architecture and the City (CIAC), both at PUCP


Sarah Bradshaw

GRRIPP Thematic Lead on Gender and Intersectionality

Professor Sarah Bradshaw has been working in the general field of gender and development for the last 30 years. Based at Middlesex University, where she is a Professor of Gender and Sustainable Development, and the Head of the School of Law, she has always sought to combine teaching and research with advocacy work.


Cheryl Potgieter

GRRIPP Regional Lead, Africa

Prof. Cheryl Potgieter is based at Durban University of Technology. She has a doctorate in psychology from the University of Western Cape and a Masters in Psychology from the University of Cape Town. She has published and supervised widely in the areas of psychology, gender, sexuality and higher education and all her work is underpinned by a commitment to social justice. I has written policy, specifically gender related for government depts. and have consulted to both the private sector and NGOs.


Ksenia Chmutina

GRRIPP Thematic Lead on Resilience

Dr Ksenia Chmutina is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable and Resilient Urbanism at the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University. Her research explores the processes of disaster risk creation and enhances the understanding of systemic implications of sustainability and resilience under the pressures of urbanisation and climate change.


Mahbuba Nasreen

GRRIPP Regional Lead, South Asia

Professor Mahbuba Nasreen is the Director and Co-founder of the Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies (IDMVS), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Peter Sammonds

GRRIPP Global Gender and Intersectionality Ambassador

Peter Sammonds is a Professor of Geophysics at UCL and the Director of the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction. Peter has extensive experience in research and knowledge exchange round natural hazard risks, disasters and recovery.


Virginie Le Masson

GRRIPP Global Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Dr Virginie Le Masson is a Research Fellow and co-Director of the Centre for Gender and Disaster at UCL’s Institute of Risk and Disaster Reduction. Geographer by training, her research looks at gender inequalities and violence-related risks in places affected by environmental changes and disasters. Her recent studies focused on gender-based violence affecting the resilience of women and girls in the Sahel region.

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